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Tranquility and harmony

Dear Harry.

I just finished mt Avatar Course. I experienced tranquility and harmony in my mind. I also learned the importance of mind through this course. I am grateful for my Master, the other Masters and everyone related with Avatar. Thank you,

Ryasuke Hosoi- Japan

Very painful creations

Dear Harry,

I came to the Avatar Course with some very painful creations that I believed were beyond my ability to effect.

Oh! After only a week I totally see how and why I was creating them! Thank you for these tools, which allow us to recover our attention and create living deliberately.

Melody Lebaron- USA

I can truly be me

Dearest Harry,

I wrote you several times in March when I was doing the Avatar course in Orlando. I finished up here in Denver. I'm signed up for the next Master course and also registered for the next Wizard course. My life is totally changed thanks to the awakening I've had from working your material.

I no longer smoke pot and watch TV. I'm busy all the time. Life had a new meaning after I had a liver transplant, but nothing like this. When I was dying from liver disease my brain quit working and all I could do was feel. But I didn't know how to use that. After the operation I just went right back to where I was. Now I can feel everything, the very essence of the universe. it expanded before my very eyes. I can now live by my own morals, which I never did before. Everything is better Life, sex, no more desire for drugs, no more lying. I can truly be me.

Sending compassion to others is so awesome. Thanks so very much for sharing this with me and the world .Your Friend,

 Robert Page-USA

A true revelation

Dear Harry,
With pleasure I have completed the lively Avatar Course in Egmond. My realization itself in the full power and accountability I have in creating, was a true revelation and inspiration.  I hope and expect that my creations for other people will create a significant contribution in their lives and activities. I also learned how to handle constraints and to use the creation exercises towards my own own goals.

Many thanks for the dedication, compassion and fine tuning of the Qualified Masters, the Masters and coaches, fellow students, and especially my personal coach. I wish everyone much happiness and peace,
Lex van Eck van der Sluijs - Netherlands

Another persons eyes

Dear Mr. Harry Palmer,

I was moved by the Avatar Course. Especially the tools of Section II have changed me very much. I used to not look at another persons eyes carefully, but any of my cautions are taken unconsciously now. If only that happened, it would be one big element of my life revolution!

 I look forward to attending many of your courses from now on. Thank you very much!

 Hiroshige Takata- Japan

Something amazing has happened!

Dear Harry,

This is not the first time I have written to you. Every time I do something with these tools, something amazing has happened! I have just become an Avatar and thank you so, so, so much. I am still on a "buzz" from the last exercise and becoming an Avatar! My eternal love,

Hana Coulston - New Zealand

Chaos in myself

Dear Harry,

At the Avatar Course I feel that chaos in myself became ordered. I clearly realized that past memories I didn't want to recall, something I had run away from and something that I hated, was actually created by my own beliefs. I came to feel that it was not bad, but a good experience. I feel calm and can receive that positively and have come to be able to think about it calmly. Thank you,

R.K.- Japan

I decided

Dear Harry,

I boarded the 14.5 hour flight the other night, and met the guy I who was to be my neighbour for that time. He was drunk and talking derogatorily about Aborigines and New Zealanders. After my initial reaction, I decided to stay in the spirit of the Compassion Project. By the end of the trip we had the most beautiful connection and he was grateful for the Compassion card. Thank you!

Fiona Campbell- New Zealand

Together fearlessly


What can I say? Since I did the Wizard Course several years ago my primary of operating in the world with integrity, compassion and love has changed to include wisdom, power and courage. The Wizards that supported me are always with me as you are. I am so grateful to you, Avra and the whole Stars Edge network.

A story began a few years ago I want to share. It is a story of my son and me. The story is about a young man 17 years old. He got paralyzed on the right side of his body. I was able to handle this because I had done Wizards six months earlier. He and I have handled it together fearlessly. And in a way you have been empowering us with all along. Thank you for that from the bottom of my heart.

My gift to you is my son is here now at the Wizard Course. So is my husband and his brother is coming tomorrow. Another person I inspired to Wizards is already here helping to create an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. The eighth Wizard I have inspired! The circle is round.

With my love to you, Avra and everyone,

Dagmar Van Nugteren-Kolarova- Czech Republic

Fulfilling and nurturing

Hello Harry,

Yet another thank you note. I have been using the magic Avatar tools with conscientious zeal because of the past successes I have enjoyed. So it should come as no surprise to me that today's insight has once again blown me out of the water. But it still does come as a surprise how intense the feelings attached to the insights are and how all pervasive is their impact on my life. I love the transparent belief tool, so simple yet so profound.

Today I discovered that I create negative emotional tension to get attention. How does that work you might ask. It seems that I've had a transparent belief that the only way I can get attention and connection with people is to create negative emotional tension. I have numerous ways I do this, some of them being, to create drama in work and family environments, create scarcity through lack of money and, creating intimate relationships that are full of drama, detachment and disconnection. Its a core creation for me and I can still feel the ripples of it's effect touching all aspects of my life back through to my childhood as I write this. How much different my life will be with the awareness that I can easily create positive emotional tension and get the connection with people that is fulfilling and nurturing to myself and the people in my life.

That you Harry for the tools. Much love to you and all the team at Stars Edge

John Shelton- Australia