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Share Your Avatar Course Experiences


All the hurt, pain and trauma

Dear Harry,

I want to share my journey of Avatar. When I first got here I wanted to go home. I was scared of facing all the hurt, pain and trauma I was carrying with me! After a couple of days went by, I realized I just needed to let the course take charge.

Then I realized I could feel again and I felt like a new person. Then I learned what I was feeling all this time is what I was creating. Boy! Letting that go was amazing!! Now I have the tools to create anything I want and discreate anything I don’t want to have, too. Having this is better than any tool I have ever owned. I want to thank you, Harry Palmer, and everyone that has helped with my new journey in life! Love, smiles and thank you,

Tennille Excell- USA

Clearing all the miserables and limits

Dear Harry,

All my life I was the tough person, the person you could trust in, to help if you had a problem. I was afraid to face myself, the fact that I was also a human being with similar problems.

During this Avatar Course I decided deliberately, I’m not afraid of being vulnerable, or trusting in other people. I opened up my heart.

I managed to clear out all the "miserables" and limits which I created in my life. I’ll continue this work to raise the energy level of the whole world step by step. Thank you for your work and thanks to all Avatars for their work too, With loves,

Laura Vizueleti- Hungary

Hello life!

 Dear Harry,

Waking up again. Feeling again. Hello life! Watch out. Harry, thank you for putting it all together and writing it down!


A miracle happened in my life

Dear Harry,

I want to thank you for a miracle which happened in my life this morning. I reunited with my father after 40 years of separation and suffering.

My dad will be coming to the next International Avatar Course. I was able to come to this point by using the Avatar tools and being in service to others. My commitment to the mission of creating an Enlightened Planetary Civilization is also a commitment to myself and to my biggest dreams in life.

Not only am I so happy because I can share· experiencing the materials with others but also because my personal life is coming to alignment and harmony! This balance is the best place from which I can inspire others to experience Avatar. From my heart and gratitude I will inspire many new Wizards for The Wizard Course!

With love for the mission, you and Avra,

Magda Prus- USA

A reclaiming of self

Dear Harry,

Oh My God! The amazing taste of food while I used the perceptual skill taught in Section Two of the Avatar Course! Days of magnificent culinary experiences for breakfast, lunch and dinner! The process has been a reclaiming of self, as I thought it would be. But way beyond to expanses of I-ness, time and space. I am a being on a limitless journey!

Bonnie Salamon- USA

My identities

Dear Harry,

I am reviewing the Avatar Course. My wife is here also experiencing it for the first time  and our 11 month son is here with us. Thanks for the materials. I have been able to handle and see a lot of my identities that I use in life and in my relationship with my wife. Now I can create deliberately without judging or justifying. A special thanks to the people that assist us continuously with loving care to learn how to use these materials. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Thanks!!

Gabriele Bucci- USA

Beautiful changes have happened

Dear Harry,

Each time I have been on an Avatar Course, beginning with my first Avatar Course in May and my Master Course in June and the Professional Course in October, beautiful changes have happened to me. But also, harmoniously, have happened to the people closest to me in my life, despite the fact that they were not on course.

It’s been incredible to hear the creations of the people closest to me and how much in synch the lessons they learned from it were the lessons I was learning while on course! Whenever I am on course I feel so in alignment with every goal I have that it seems as though it touches all of collective consciousness and I FEEL it is, because my closest people are picking up on my realizations and vice versa, without talking or even being near, Ever since I began Avatar all my relationships have grown in the quality of the connection.

It is so neat! I now know that by caring for my personal growth, I’m naturally in alignment with others growth. Just beautiful to be aware of it, so I can appreciate it and be in awe.

I just finished my first Internship as a Master and brought my mom as my student! It has been a gorgeous exploration all week. What a gift, for me and her! I feel full. Thank you,

Katrina Naugle- USA

Feeling your dreams


I had no idea what to expect at my Avatar Course. I had already made a decision to make some major changes in my life, but I was struggling a little to get motivated and enthused. I was a little scared of change. But I wanted to feel refreshed again and revitalized to the next 20 years achieving other new dreams and goals.

I have just finished attending a Resurfacing workshop which was extremely interesting and I learned new techniques to combat stress and pressures that stop you from feeling your dreams. This was insightful.

Although it may have appeared that I went through the Course not totally understanding the potential, I really did unleash many trapped feelings and emotions, I felt a sense of relief and a renewed belief that I can achieve the dreams that light up my face and make my heart feel alive!!

The  most interesting event was the next morning when I suddenly broke down and cried and cried, like all this fixed emotion was leaving me and after that I felt such relief. Thank you!


I am responsible

Dear Harry,

My biggest success this week is that I did not constantly correct myself and others. Also I realized that I was misaligned with my task. Instead of getting results, I was working to be important. Now I make a goal and know what to do more and more. Now I make priority list and know more about the priorities while doing the job.

Working together as a team is great and creates the biggest success of “ The EPC. I am responsible and am glad I know I am.

Jannehe Van Veen- The Netherlands

Witnessed a miracle

Dear Harry, Avra, Pieta and Everyone,

Today I have witnessed a miracle. My son has just completed the first exercise of Section 2 of the Avatar Course. He explored the identity of  being a perfectionist . I have watched him struggle with this his whole life and now he has popped out of it ! The light and joyful side of him has emerged.

Thank you so much, with love always,

David Abels-USA