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Self-Awakening Is The First Contribution You Make To An Enlightened Planetary Civilisation

Stay Awake and Relax 
A talk by Harry Palmer (DVD - 2006)

So all memories, since you created them, contain a homing force that pulls them toward your experience field of awareness. Your experience field is where you turn perceptions back into free attention. This is just the “as-is-ness” of experience; it is what it is. We experience an event, the event passes, and we are still present, alert, and aware, ready for the next event.

And ideally, that’s how we should live our lives. But, you know, life can present us with moments of horror, moments of pain, and moments of painful emotion that we don’t want. And unless we’re really wise and wizardly we react to these unwelcome moments becoming memories by pushing them away.

Recorded live at the September 2006 Avatar Master Course in Orlando, Florida.


"Most spiritual practices are headed in the direction of transforming a solidly defined individual into an undefinable source awareness. The trade is that you give up an ego-centered, push-pull structured false self, barricading you from bad memories, in exchange for an effortless eternal essence that expresses and experiences itself through all life forms.

"It’s a good deal, really…"

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