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Whats Happens When You Encounter Your Concept Of Consciousness?

Source Beingness 
A talk by Harry Palmer (DVD - 2007)

Think of your mind as containing a lot of data storage rooms, for example, one door is labeled elephant. The label "elephant" is a concept. And when you open the door to the elephant room, you encounter the specific impressions you have of elephants.

There is also a door labeled with the concept "consciousness," behind which you would expect to encounter the specific impressions you have of consciousness. The problem is that when you open this door labeled "consciousness" it opens into a space where you are looking at a door labeled "consciousness." Exploring consciousness with consciousness is surreal; it is also a dead end.

Fortunately there is a subtler quality of life that we cll undefined awareness, and it can watch consciousness without automatically creating more consciousness.

Recorded live at the September 2007 Avatar Master Course in Orlando Florida.



"You maintain control of your life by taking responsibility for anything that shows up in your consciousness.  And it doesn't matter how it shows up in your consciousness, it doesn’t matter if it’s because of fate, or karma, or bad choices, or injustice."

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For people seeking spiritual understanding

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