Private Lessons Now Available!

Posted 15 Aug

New From Harry Palmer! Altamonte Springs, Florida February 11, 2013 — Harry Palmer, the author of the Avatar materials, has just released his ninth book, The Avatar Path 2: Private Lessons. This book contains 74 individual lessons, broken into eight broad categories, that were inspired by the advanced Avatar materials.… Read more


The Avatar® Path: The Way We Came

Posted 15 Jun

A story of an awakening that has become a worldwide movement. Altamonte Springs, Florida June 15, 2011 — On the surface, this is a book of words that conveys a pleasant melody. But underneath the stories, chords of consciousness are being strummed that will transform the way you think. Our guarantee:… Read more


The Wizard Course Returns To Orlando

Posted 16 Dec

The Orlando Marriott World Center Resort Altamonte Springs, Florida December 16, 2010 — Star’s Edge International, the corporation behind The Avatar Courses, has chosen the Orlando Marriott World Center to host its 21st annual 13-day workshop/seminar. The Avatar Wizard Course, which is the fifth and final section of the Avatar… Read more


International Best-Selling Self Development Book for Free Download

Posted 27 May

Altamonte Springs, Florida — May 27, 2010. Today the network of Avatar Course graduates stretches across the globe and influences many people and even whole societies. It is one of the fastest growing self-development movements on the planet. And it all started in 1986 with a book called CREATIVISM, which was… Read more

compassion cards

Catching the Compassion Virus

Posted 27 Apr

Altamonte Springs, Florida April 27, 2010 — Before The Avatar® Compassion Project, few would have believed that lives could be improved by a simple exercise circulated on a folded card. Two million cards later, it is not as difficult to believe. The Compassion Exercise has five easy steps, which anyone… Read more


A Million Steps Toward A More Compassionate World

Posted 26 Oct

Translations: Deutsch, Nederlands Altamonte Springs, Florida October 26, 2009 – Peace on earth, good will toward men. More than a holiday slogan, this is the foundation of a formula for improving the world undertaken by the Compassion Project. Imagine one million people deliberately creating and experiencing a more compassionate world,… Read more


Star’s Edge, Florida Seminar Company, Mixes Old and New in Cambodia

Posted 25 Oct

Altamonte Springs, Florida (PRWEB) September 25, 2009 – The temples at Angkor Wat in Cambodia have seen many awe-inspiring events in the centuries of their existence. Now these amazing creations have been involved in a powerful seminar for increasing awareness. Led by Ilu Kim, trainer for Star’s Edge International, sixty-three… Read more


Improve The World By Becoming More Honest And Kind

Posted 13 Mar

Altamonte Springs, Florida (PRWEB) March 13, 2009 -Star’s Edge International, the corporation behind the Avatar Courses, hosted its largest 13-day seminar to date: The 19th Annual Avatar Wizards Course. According to Rand Shipley, an Avatar Wizard graduate, “Star’s Edge is an organization that believes we can create a better world… Read more