How to Eliminate Toxic Thoughts and Negative Thinking

toxic thoughts

Have you ever heard of the nocebo effect?

During medication trials, researchers informed patients of possible negative side effects. The results surprised researchers. Many patients receiving the inactive substances acquired some of the side effects mentioned.

The nocebo effect. The wicked step-mother of the placebo effect.

Boiled down, this phenomenon means that negative expectations influence people's minds.

Sound familiar?

The effect occurs in more than just clinical settings. It happens every day. Every time we allow negative and toxic thoughts to dominate our thought processes we become victims of nocebo.

Eliminating negativity requires thinking with intention. It's not something you can whisk under the rug like dust mites. And hope they'll somehow disappear or find their way to the trash can.

Let's look at 4 techniques to help interrupt negative thoughts. This allows you to reframe your mind and focus on positive, empowering ways of thinking.

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