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Dear Harry,

I am one of the newest Avatars on the planet! I have many new things on my mind as I get ready to enter high School next month. Thank you.

Recently my father doesn't feel well. So we have been looking out for different psychological treatments. Finally we ended up finding the Avatar Course instead. I carefully suggested that he should go on the Avatar Course. He rejected it at once but I didn't give up though. Instead of my dad, my brother tried it out first. After the course he changed. He had always looked "drooped", but now he gets up early in the morning and took up some exercising. He straightened his back and his shoulders are upright, which had always been drooped and bent before. He seemed also always hard of hearing but his hearing is getting better now.

My father gave a second thought about the course after seeing my brothers change. In the end though my mother and I did the course. My father came to be interested in the course, seeing the three of us had become brighter. He still hasn't done the course yet, but my mother and I had a good experience thanks to you. Finishing the course my mother now wants to be a good singer. I also feel very good and bright. My eyes look clear and brighter.

My mom applied for the next Master Course. I am also considering going to the Master course with my brother. I think I'll get good results! The contents of your DVD's were good. May you bless my family to be healthy and happy.  Thank you for bringing my family changes!

K.M.J.- Korea