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Dear Harry,

Thank you for supplying the tools to reach a hard nut like me! I came in to The Avatar Course with a lot of resistance and mistrust. I started off just to look at what my partner was doing and wasn't going to go past Section I,  ReSurfacing.

Something told me I should look further, so I joined my partner in New Zealand on the third day of the course. The processes brought up lots of stuff that I thought I had well and truly buried. I'd wanted it to stay that way but realized that to make progress I needed to keep going.

The New Zealand course was a blast and we met so many great people from all over that will be friends for life I'm sure. I'd made the decision to keep going on my terms, but a light came on at the end of a long day, after breaking through some barriers ,that were all someone else's fault (HA!). Wow! I learned I needed to keep going and really start getting to be the person I want/need to be.

The Master Course in Orlando is booked and I look forward to continuing this amazing journey. Again I thank you and your amazing dedicated crew! Kind regards,

Robyn Metcher- Australia