9 Simple Ways to Practice Self Care

practice self-care

The journey to living a life of self-care doesn't come naturally for everyone.

Actually, it can be pretty hard to accomplish in this day and age. We live in a constant state of being "on" - always pushed to do and be more.

Busy is the new successful and money keeps trying to come off as status.

But, there are more important things to focus on. Things like doing what you love and living a life you're proud of and sharing that with others.

This all starts with a commitment to practice self-care.

Here are 9 ways to start taking better care of who you are.


1. Change Your Environment

It's the classic case of nature vs. nurture: your environment plays a significant role in who you are. It's not everything (hence, nurture), but it's enough to make you consider a few things.

Is your bedroom a place you feel comfortable? Does your living room make your house, or apartment or studio, feel like home?

If the answer to these questions is not a definite "yes", this is your starting point to practice self-care.

Try putting up pictures of happy memories or canvases with inspirational quotes.

Create a space for you to relax, whatever this looks like. It could be a reading nook, a writing desk, or a small garden to take care of.

2. Turn Off Your Phone

Once you've established a cozier setting, don't get lost in the online world.

Put your phone down and connect with the space around you.

This gives you a chance to have better conversations with other people, but more importantly, with yourself.

It makes you notice things like the sunrise and the sound of rain and the joke someone said at the dinner table.

These are all the little things that make life full, and they don't translate as well coming from a viral video.

3. Write Things Down

Noticing more of the little things often leads to a bigger appreciation for them.

Start a journal to express the things you're grateful for.

This can help put things in perspective, especially when the effort to practice self-care gets harder. It's not always enlightening and free; it can be tough and daunting.

Write these things down, too.

Journaling the good and the bad becomes a release like no other.

It helps you vent even the most personal things because the only party listening is a piece of paper. It also helps you get out of your mind and see things more clearly for what they are.

4. Go Outside

Speaking of getting out of your head, why not try to get outside more often?

Maybe you already know your favorite outdoor activity, maybe you don't think you're the outside type at all.

Well, everyone is - spending more time in nature is proven to improve memory and concentration, lower stress, and even lower inflammation.

It has outstanding effects on the mind and body.

The quicker you pick your outdoor activity of choice, the faster you can feel the difference.

Some ways to practice self-care outside include going for a run, kayaking, paddleboarding, hiking, surfing, and rock climbing.

5. Get Your Sweat On

You'll probably want to wear athletic gear for some of the more intense activities mentioned above.

If your way of getting outside is taking your lunch hour on a park bench, that's fine. But, make sure to incorporate some form of exercise in your day.

Regular physical activity is one of the most all-inclusive ways to practice self-care.

It benefits many of the body's systems and functions. It clears your mind and relieves stress or anxiety. Plus, it can also improve your quality and longevity of life.

You don't have to spend hours in the gym to get this done, either. Aim for at least half an hour of physical activity a day, and find a form of fitness you love.

Exercise includes a world of weightlifting, yoga, Zumba, boxing, and more. One of these is sure to get you pumped.

6. Cook More Often

Working out and eating well often come hand in hand, as they should.

But, there are more benefits to spending time in the kitchen than healthy eating.

Cooking can help fight anxiety, substance abuse, and depression. It's more than making a meal; it's a goal-oriented process that provides a sense of fulfillment.

Plus, the more you spend time making your meals, the more mindful you become of what you eat. Paying such attention to your diet can improve your energy and mood.

7. Take a Bath

Sometimes, the best way to practice self-care is to just relax.

Why not jump into a hot bath?

Okay, don't make a splash zone out of your bathroom. But, do try to make this a place where you can let go of your day.

Bathing has lasting effects beyond big bubbles and a nice scrub. It can improve your circulation, ease your mind, and even help fight a cough.

To really indulge in this form of "you time", take a glass of wine or a good book to the tub.

8. Try Something New

The above self-care tricks are pretty simple, to the point where the average person can easily adopt at least one.

But, there are some wonderful ways to love yourself that are a bit off the beaten path. These include:

Learning to quiet your mind by sitting still doesn't happen right away. Some people are afraid of needles. You may have health situations making a detox harder than normal.

You might not be sure what self-development is all about, or why you need a course for it.

Some of these are real issues, others are just excuses. Take a chance on a self-care method that sounds a little out-there.

You might find it was just what you were looking for.

9. Learn to Say "No!"

As great as it is to say "yes" to the things your soul is calling for, sometimes you need to just say, "no."

Learn to let go of what isn't serving you anymore.

This could be a toxic relationship, a bad habit, a job you hate, or a grudge you've been holding. Whatever it looks like, it doesn't need to be in your life.

Say "no" to making plans with that friend who's not really a friend. Stop going back to your ex. Put your foot down to your boss.

These might seem a bit bold, or a bit out of reach, but you hold the power to make the changes you need.

Enhance Your Knowledge of How to Practice Self-Care

We'll say it again - you hold the power to make the changes you need.

These tips will help, but they aren't everything.

If you really want to dive in head-first to the world of self-care, we can help.