10 Thoughts You Need to Drop to Live a Better Life

10 thoughts to drop

Do you ever find yourself tormented by thoughts that make you miserable?

You're not alone. Research shows that more than 90% of people experience unwanted thoughts on a daily basis.

But just because unwanted thoughts are common does not mean that you need to be held captive to them. It is in your power to identify these toxic thoughts, cleanse your negative mind, and free yourself to live a better life.

Let's take a look at some of the most common negative thoughts that keep people from living the life of their dream.

Do you ever find yourself thinking...

It's Too Late

One of the most insidious toxic thoughts is the idea that it's already too late to turn things around and live a better life. Perhaps you think that you've already made too many mistakes, or that you've wasted too much time.

Someone who's been in trouble with the law might think, "No one will want to associate with me because of my past." In reality, the only thing holding you back is letting others' judgments define you.

People in their 30s or 40s might tell themselves they're too old to go back to school, to start dating again, or to do anything else they aspire to. But plenty of people achieve great success later in life.

As long as you are breathing, there is still time left for you.

I'm a Victim

Too often, people prevent themselves from living their best life by believing that they are victims of circumstances beyond their control.

It is true that you cannot control everything that happens to you, or everything others do to you. But what you do have the power to control is how you respond.

So don't tell yourself that you can't get ahead because your boss or your spouse doesn't support you, or because you didn't have access to a good education as a child. Instead, get rid of your victim mentality and embrace your ability to change your circumstances for the better.

I'm a Loser

While it's important to shun a victim mentality, it's also important not to be too hard on yourself. Some folks are so afraid of failure that they convince themselves they are incompetent. When things don't work out, they believe it is because they are incapable of success.

But this is not true. So rather than trying to shame yourself into doing better, remind yourself of the successes you've had. Let these motivate you to try again, even when you do not achieve all your goals.

I Should Play it Safe

Many people prevent themselves from living their best lives by choosing instead to live an okay life. Rather than taking risks and trying new things, they stick to routines and tasks that they know they are good at.

Living life this way may protect you from failure. But it will also rob you of the ability to achieve great things. Instead of always going for the path of least resistance, challenge yourself to make decisions that take you outside your comfort zone.

Sometimes, you will take a risk and it won't turn out well. Maybe you'll make a bad investment, or trust the wrong person. But instead of viewing these as mistakes, view them as opportunities to learn for the future.

I Know I'm Right

There is such a thing as being too self-confident. Folks who are always convinced they are right will be resistant to hearing helpful advice or constructive criticism.

Being too proud to admit you need help or guidance can leave you stuck in your life. Instead, eat a nice slice of humble pie, and seek the assistance of someone you respect. Remember that everyone you meet as the opportunity to teach you something if you are willing to listen.

There are Too Many Obstacles

Often, we know what it is that we want to do, but we're too afraid to go after it. So instead of trying, we'll create a list of all the reasons it can't be done. We tell ourselves that we don't have the time, or money, or intelligence to accomplish our goals.

In some cases, you may be right. But you will never know what your limits are until you push them. So instead of seeing all the reasons you can't achieve, look for ways to overcome your challenges.

I Can Change Other People

Sometimes, the source of toxicity in your life isn't you, but instead, it's someone else. In these cases, it can be possible to draw up healthy boundaries defining the time you spend with that person. But in other cases, the only option is to cut the person out.

Don't trick yourself into thinking you can change the toxic person in your life. All you can do is control your exposure to them, and make sure it doesn't break you.

If Only I Had Done...

One of the most toxic thoughts is dwelling on past decisions, and thinking things would be better if you had decided differently. These thoughts are completely unproductive.

The truth is, you don't know if your life would be better if you had decided differently. You might just have different problems. Instead, focus on the decisions ahead of you, and how your past can inform your future.

I Need to Make More Money

Be careful not to let the pursuit of money make decisions for you. While money is important, it will never fulfill you. Do not be afraid to make a decision that will bring less money if you know it is the right decision for a better life.

What Will Others Think?

Don't let the fear of judgment from others stop you from pursuing your dreams. At the end of the day, you are the only person who has to live your life. If the people around you are worth having, they will respect your decision.

Start Living a Better Life Today

Once you've identified these toxic thoughts, the next step is to eliminate them. Do not let these thoughts hold power over you and stop you from living a better life.

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